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Color steel tile press material itself has a strong corrosion resistance, and even the appearance of direct touch and no chemical reaction. As a result, where the United States is more suitable for fluorine plastic plate, chemical plants and other special environment.
3 sound insulation, thermal insulation function is particularly prominent
2.2mm厚的凡美氟塑型板保溫功能為0.5mm厚的鋼板瓦的2200倍。實踐驗證 :運用彩鋼瓦機的工業廠房(未做保溫處理)室表里溫差2℃左右.
2.2mm thickness of the United States and the United States and the United States and fluorine plastic plate insulation function of 0.5mm thick steel plate 2200 times. Practical verification: the use of color steel tile machine industrial workshop (do not do heat treatment) room temperature difference between around 2 degrees Celsius
4, low cost
彩鋼壓型機的裝置不必預留伸縮孔,直接鉆眼固定,方便快捷。無后續維護費用 。
The device of the color steel pressing machine does not need to be provided with a telescopic hole, and the fixing of the direct drilling hole is convenient and quick. No subsequent maintenance costs.
Note the use of color steel
Said connection between keels frugal use of color equipment: boom with explosive bolt on the floor, T type keel hanger connection T main keel, T type keel for long, at its interface with T type connector between the fixed keel, keel and main keel is inserted connection that may not have parts, assuming additional load or ceiling has a large ceiling, the need for U type derrick bearing keel, namely after the first U type bearing keel (keel) hanger will U main keel and the connection with T type keel pendant type T vertical keel with the U type main keel connection. Now many of the construction of the roof in the use of color steel equipment, color tile machine has a single layer and sandwich. Some people say that a single layer of color steel tile in the summer steamed, hot people can not stand, the winter is not warm, but also cold, even if the role of smallpox is not good. The actual use of single-layer color steel tile machine in the summer is a simple way to cool down.
彩鋼設備是指彩涂鋼板,傳統的涂層分好幾類,最高級的是氟碳涂層的,簡直能夠防腐20年。通常從鋼廠以卷筒的方式分銷到各地。我們常常看到的彩鋼板是指加工好的板材壓瓦機,厚度在 50~100mm左右,它是由中心的填料和兩面的彩鋼板構成。因為有專用型材,所以濟南彩鋼板房締造速度很快(如非典時的小湯山醫院),但強度低。
Color steel equipment refers to the color coated steel plate, the traditional coating is divided into several categories, the most advanced is fluorocarbon coating, can be anti-corrosion for 20 years. Usually from steel mills to the distribution of the drum to. We often see the color steel plate refers to the processing of plate pressure tile machine, the thickness of about 50~100mm, it is the center of the filler and the two sides of the color steel plate. Because there are special profiles, so Ji'nan color steel board room to create a very fast (such as SARS Xiaotangshan hospital), but low intensity.

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