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Ji'nan blinds are becoming more and more popular. They are usually used in living rooms, study rooms and other places. They have excellent decoration effect and are not replaced by other windows. So, do we know how the Venetian blinds are made in Ji'nan? How can I put the blinds down? Next, follow the steps of Xiao Bian and take a look at the answer.
How can Ji'nan blinds be made?
1、采購板材(ROUGH SAWN TIMBER)自行加工剖成葉片/蓋片/下軌。
1, TIMBER (ROUGH SAWN purchase) processing, cutting into blade / cover piece / down rail.
2. Cutting, sanding, painting, painting, punching and assembling
3、涂裝進程可分STAIN及PAINTED二種,其間歐洲、澳洲商場偏好STAIN處理,美國、加拿大商場PAINTED占80%,一切SATIN(N.C涂裝)指上漆后,仍可看到木材紋理,而PAINTED(掩蓋色) 則徹底看不到木紋。
3, the coating process can be divided into STAIN and PAINTED two, in Europe, Australia market preference for STAIN processing, the United States, Canada mall PAINTED accounted for 80% of all SATIN (N.C coating) refers to paint, can still see the wood texture, and PAINTED (cover color) is completely invisible to the wood.
Ji'nan blinds
4 、 general NC coating line flow:
入料→送料機→雙面著色機→力骨輸送機→頭度底漆→力骨式輸送機→二度底漆→力骨式輸送帶→ 收料(一底一面)→依一樣程序再作第二面底漆,設備總長度約75米。
Feeding, feeding machine, double color machine, conveyor, head of bone strength, bone strength, primer conveyor two priming, conveyor belt, force of bone material (bottom side), according to the same procedure as second primer, a total length of about 75 meters of equipment.
Feed, primer sanding machine, conveyor belt to force bone dust removal machine, finish machine, force feeding wheel machine, bone type paint machine, conveyor, feeding force of bone (one side), according to the same procedure as second, with a total length of 70 meters of equipment.
Such as PAINTED, coating sequence must be more than 2-3 times, and the paint coating is thicker, not easy to dry.
There are UV coating, the advantages of coating line is short, because UV drying faster, but more expensive paint paint.
濟南百葉窗 http://www.xtzisha.com/ 怎樣放下來
How can I put down the Venetian blinds in Ji'nan?
There is a pearl in the original structure of Ji'nan rail shutters inside, through the friction rope and let the Pearl Pearl rope stuck, then the shutter will you want in fixed fixed range. If you want to put it down, the original is also very simple, we only need to put the rope on the right with an angle of 45 degrees and above, a little harder, then you will hear the Pearl down sound, then you stick to point does not move, swing the rope, so the shutters came down. Of course, if you want to in a certain range will shutter stopped, then you take hold of the rope, don't let up, then gradually vertical rope light, so you can.