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文章發布: 發表時間:2017-07-18 10:22:50


1, Ji'nan shutter multi lock point seal, you can greatly enhance the sealing of the window. In the future, its insulation and sound insulation will be improved as well.
2, Ji'nan shutter multi lock point with mushroom head lock planning, greatly enhanced the anti-theft function of the window. After make Xiangma pressure pry into the interior of the window may simply drop to zero.
3, the use of inverted conditions can make indoor natural ventilation, the wind does not directly blow the body, especially in the early winter and winter in the bedroom need to improve indoor air quality, not easy to catch cold.
4, Ji'nan blinds hanging on the condition to avoid the rain forget to close the window into the house of rain question.
5, Ji'nan shutter use does not occupy the indoor space features, to avoid the flat window and window cloth (the most common), water heaters, hoods, cabinets and so on, fighting each other's disadvantages.
6, Ji'nan shutter on the suspension, dealing with the bathroom needs long-term natural ventilation, but also security issues.
7、濟南百葉窗 http://www.xtzisha.com/ 的上懸狀況處理了家里沒人繼續通風換氣的疑問,尤其是剛剛裝修完需求開窗放味(注:窗在內倒狀況下,也具有防盜功用。)
7, Ji'nan blinds on the hanging situation, dealing with no one at home continue to ventilate the doubt, especially just after the completion of the demand window opening smell (Note: window inside down condition, also has anti-theft function)
8, in addition, on some residential property security barrier or owners do not like the protective fence of the cage, the inverted state of safe ventilation can also be regarded as a good treatment.
9, some owners live in a high-rise, two spring and autumn monsoon large flat open window in the wind is too large, inverted condition can make the air exchange soft smooth, and there is no sense of blowing people.


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