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文章發布: 發表時間:2017-07-18 10:23:52

1. Ji'nan color steel house fire spraying maintenance should be trained through the construction of professional construction team. The safety skills and labor maintenance shall be fulfilled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state.
2. when the Ji'nan steel housing unit in position, pipe rack and other structural devices correlated boom, Ma Road, connected with the end, and after inspection, construction can fire coatings.
3. before construction, the surface of Ji'nan color steel board room should be rust removed, and the rust prevention treatment shall be determined according to the application requirements. Rust removal and rust prevention treatment shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions in the current regulations on construction and inspection of steel structures.
4.濟南彩鋼板房 http://www.xtzisha.com/ 外表的雜物應鏟除潔凈,其銜接處的縫隙使用防火涂料或別的防火資料添補堵平后方可施工。
4. Ji'nan steel housing surface debris should be removed clean, the connecting point of the gaps in the use of fire retardant coating or other materials to fill fire wall before construction.
5. construction fire retardant coating should be before interior decoration and not damaged by subsequent projects. During construction, cover and other objects that do not need fire protection shall be covered and maintained, and the coating for the construction shall be protected against dirty liquid pollution and mechanical impact.
6. the construction process and coating dry before curing, the ambient temperature should be maintained at 5 to 38 DEG C, relative humidity should not be greater than 90%, the air flow. It is not suitable to work when wind speed is greater than 5m/s, or when rainy weather and condensation of components appear.