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Detachable Ji'nan steel housing overall structure are made of cold-formed steel, slab and wall panels, roof panel with thermal insulation, thermal insulation steel sandwich board outstanding, filling color steel polystyrene, polyurethane, and rock wool, glass wool. In order to standardize the module series for space combination, component selection bolt connection. According to the planning requirements in one form of steel beams, constraints, established in the field of real activity, the shallow foundation laid a good foundation, the factory assembled steel beam, steel column, and then in accordance with the planning and construction of color steel plate request, sequentially isolated by inserting, self tapping screws, screw nut and other small the metal connection into a whole, complete construction, activity room number according to customer demand, can be made into single and double. If the area is smaller, but more people to settle, you can also call the activities of the housing manufacturers made three. 150kg/ square meters for floor acceptable components against wind loads generally with bracing. So you can withstand more than 8 winds. In the case does not affect the beautiful is equivalent to the activity room of sequential reinforcement. The length and width of the room are K (1K=1820mm) for the number of touch. 1K equal to 1.82 meters. The lateral scale of the house is mK+150, and the vertical scale is nK+150. What is the 3K activity room, what does K mean?
The strengths of Ji'nan removable steel housing
1 :可方便快捷的進行拼裝和拆開,裝置進程只需簡略的東西,均勻每人每天可裝置二十平米到三十平米,6人只需兩天就可以裝置3K X 10K的便準活動房一棟。
1: convenient for assembling and installation process open, simply, uniform per person per day can be provided with twenty square meters to thirty square meters, 6 people just two days can 3K X 10K device gave a real activity.
2 通用規范化,可完成工業化出產。
2 universal standardization, can complete industrial production.
3 :可庫存,可屢次周轉運用,損耗率低,免去了傳統修建施工中需求建設拆遷暫時工作生活設備的環節。
3: can be inventory, can be used repeatedly, the loss rate is low, eliminating the need for the construction of the traditional construction and demolition of temporary work and living equipment link.
4: not bound by transport
5: according to customer's request, the space combination to create standard modulus, any scale of construction, can be built into any desired building, small to the booth, kiosks, large hangar, high-rise living base.
6: don't use a lot of brick, linoleum, asbestos and other materials. Not passed many of the construction waste pollution of the environment.
7 :活動房的彩鋼板和鋼構造骨架均進行防腐噴漆處理,正常運用壽命可到達10年以上,年品均運用本錢大大低于別的資料建立的同類房子。
7: activity room color plate and steel skeleton were anticorrosive paint treatment, normal use life can reach more than 10 years, annual use of cost is much lower than that of other products are established in a similar house.
8: Ji'nan steel housing overall pretty generous, bright color, soft texture, smooth surface, with outstanding decorative effect. Do not spend money on the interior decoration. Because of the characteristics of color steel plate, the interior is very smooth, clean, profile. Do not want to commercial housing residential decoration.
9: Ji'nan steel housing selection of waterproof construction planning, do not need to do any other waterproof treatment.


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